Slow Cook It Fast with AquaChef™!

Perfect Meals Every Time with AquaChef™

Everyone knows slow cooking is good cooking. And now you can slow cook it fast with Aqua Chef™. Based on the European Sous Vide cooking method, AquaChef is a fast and easy way to cook anything to perfection. Specializing in rapid low temperature cooking, you can slow cook anything from ribs, steaks, or chicken, to whole meals. Plus the AquaChef also doubles as a food warmer, and can keep food at the perfect temperature safe and easy until you're ready to serve.
Here's how it works:
With traditional cooking you might roast a chicken at 350 degrees until its internal temperature reaches 180 degrees (as the U.S.D.A. recommends) causes the breast meat to dry out and juices to accumulate in the bottom of the pan. Some chefs use those lost juices to make a gravy, which is later reapplied to the dry meat. But if you think about it, that doesn't make much sense...

JBE International, LLC presents AquaChef™, a revolution in home cooking. With the AquaChef you just cook your chicken at 180 degrees submerged in water in a sealed plastic bag. Because water conducts heat better than air, your chicken will cook to perfection in no time, the juice will remain sealed inside the meat, and the breast meat will remain moist. With AquaChef the flavor is in the bag.

It's fast and it's easy, and top chefs are using it around the world. The 2007 winner of Top Chef, the most watched cooking competition show on television, used the Sous Vide style of cooking in almost all of his dishes, and other chefs are rapidly adapting it for their use as well.

Traditional Sous Vide cooking methods can cost thousands of dollars. These units use proprietary equipment and are rarely user friendly and often even unsafe for the user.

For a limited time you can try the revolutionary New AquaChef 5000 model complete with everything you need to get started and our instruction manual - a $199.75 value - for just $19.95 RISK FREE for 30 days.

Plus if you order now we'll include a package of our premium cooking bags - a $19.95 value - to get your best use out of the AquaChef and guarantee your success.

And to be sure you start on the right track we'll include our BONUS Instructional and Recipe DVD for Gourmet Slow Cooking - another $19.95 value - FREE!

AquaChef 5000

Features and Benefits:

Slow Cook it fast!
Based on European-style Sous Vide cooking
Includes digital timer and temperature control
Includes BONUS Slow Cooking Cookbook
Includes BONUS Slow Cooking Instructional DVD
Includes BONUS premium cooking bags
Simple one-touch perfect temperature selection for 4 different types of meat
The unique design forces the food to remain submerged for faster cooking
Unconditional 60 day money back guarantee
Prevents dry or burnt results
It’s fast low temperature cooking
Used by top chefs around the world
As seen on many top cooking shows
Unlike other water cooking methods, the AquaChef doesn’t suffer from water loss
Seals in the natural juices and locks in the flavor
When cooked with the AquaChef food comes out juicy and tender every time!
Prevents overcooking
So easy it’s almost foolproof!
Unlike most cooking methods, the AquaChef cooks fast at high and low altitudes
With the AquaChef every meal is gourmet.